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FREE SHIPPING! Mega Blowout Sale on cards! as low as $1.99
FREE SHIPPING! Mega Blowout Sale on cards! as low as $1.99


Modern cards for the modern you

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Creative Director

Mariko Iwata

I love making you laugh, cry or feel awkward. That's why I make my cards, pins and onesies. Making real connection is hard. I make it easier by creating that one card that is perfect for your closest confidant as well as for that person you don't really know, but who knows you're really cool. 

My Story

Mikspress started after I found myself looking for the right card, the right pin or the right onesie. In the crowded world of stationery and gifts, Mikspress came about to fill the void in minimal, colorful, modern cards. I started by doing the National Stationery Show and doing lots and lots of craft fairs. These days I'm mainly online and in brick and mortar stores. I love bubble tea and soba noodles. You can find me working on Mikspress or with my two sons playing or snacking.

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Founder image

My mission

To promote happiness and feminism through the things that I make. With Mikspress being a minority and woman owned business, it's hard not to.