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FREE SHIPPING! Mega Blowout Sale on cards! as low as $1.99
FREE SHIPPING! Mega Blowout Sale on cards! as low as $1.99
Everything you need to know about wall collage kits, the new wall art for teenager bedrooms

Everything you need to know about wall collage kits, the new wall art for teenager bedrooms

Wall collage kits are a great way to add some color or pattern to your room without breaking the bank. They come in many styles, sizes and colors so you can match them with your aesthetic and easily update your wall decor with these photo kits.

This blog post is a complete guide to wall collage kits. Here is the table of contents:

  1. What are wall collage kits?

  2. How many come in a wall collage kit set?

  3. What sizes do wall collage kits come in?

  4. What kind of paper is used for wall collage kits?

  5. Are there only photo wall collage kits or are there illustrations too?

  6. How do I DIY a wall collage kit? and should you?

  7. Alternatives to DIY wall collage kits - Digital wall collage kit downloads

  8. Another alternative to DIY wall collage kits - printed wall collage kits

  9. Should I DIY or buy a wall collage kit?

  10. How do you install a wall collage kit?

  11. What can I use to stick a collage on my wall?

  12. How many pictures do you need for a wall collage?

  13. How do I make an aesthetic wall collage?

  14. Where can I find the best collage kits?

  15. What can I use to stick a collage on my wall?

  16. Frequently Asked Questions for DIY collage kits


What is a wall collage kit?

Wall collage kits are a set of photos and a type of wall art. They consist of photos, quotes or illustrations that are curated to look aesthetically pleasing to hang on your wall. If you want to explain it to your mom or dad, they probably paid for magazines, cut out images they wanted and put it on their wall. In theory, you are doing the same, except you don't want to use magazines or don't have the subscriptions that were so popular in the 80's or 90's thanks to the internet. Today, you can either DIY a wall collage kit or shop for them on amazon, etsy or here in the Mikspress Collage Kit section.

Wall collage kits are mostly photos of landscapes and beach scapes. There are motivational quotes peppered in and vector graphics or illustrations that balance out the aesthetic of most sets. They take the place of paintings and wall art that you would have instead of these kits. They are great to have in life because of the versatility, you can swap them out depending on your mood.


How many pieces come in a wall collage kit set?

mikspress vsco cottagecore aesthetic collage kit

Generally a set includes 50, 60 or 100 images. You could get multiple sets of pink or blue wall collage kits from different sellers if you have a lot of wall space to cover. The number of pieces also depends on the size of the paper.

What size does a wall collage kit come in?

The size of collage kit prints are usually 4x6, like a postcard. There also come in 8x10 and 8.5x11 pages, like the Tezza collage kits that you may have seen on instagam. Her profile shows great examples of how you can decorate your wall. You should totally subscribe to her instagram! I'm not sure if Tezza invented the term, but she definitely made them more popular.

What kind of paper is used for a wall collage kit?

The material used to make the images can vary. Look closely at the description and any close up images in the shop listing when you purchase a kit. Some are magazine grade paper and are thin and flimsy, while others are thicker card stock that mimic quality prints. I've found my customers (like you) enjoy the thicker paper, so I've stuck with that for my kits. The paper I use is #120 like card stock.

Are there only photo wall collage kits or are there illustrations too?

The kits I have seen are mainly photo wall collage kits with a small portion being quotes. That said here's a list of the different varieties

  • There are some kits that are vintage, so they are all illustrations.
  • Some other kits have pictures of a famous painting, so if you are into the painting aesthetic, you can check those out. Here's one that is inspired by [Matisse]. Really, you whatever you find beauty in, can be part of a wall collage kit.
  • Vectors, like this one where everything is a shape

How do I DIY a wall collage kit? and should I DIY a wall collage kit?


  • The price is practically free for the images (not the printing unfortunately)
  • Since you curate the set it's exclusive, which is cool
  • there is no limit to the number of photos, you can have, like 1,000!


  • you may have to search for the right images for hours if not days. Believe me, the search can be time consuming.
  • The site where you get the images may not offer high quality images
  • it costs money to print the images

Alternatives to the DIY wall collage kit - Digital wall collage kit downloads

Mikspress blue aesthetic collage kit


  • Delivery is instant, you download them immediately after purchase.
  • You save time not having to search the internet
  • The images should be (if it's a good kit) high res so you can print it without it being blurry


  • You can't really use this for gifts unless you are printing them yourself
  • The loading time to download can be frustrating if it's a big file to download
  • you still have to pay for printing

Another alternative to a DIY wall collage kit - the printed wall collage kit


  • You can give these as gifts for a birthday party you're going to or you can ask for it as a gift (hint hint, wink wink)
  • it's already printed, so no hassle there
  • images are already chosen, so no risk in low res images


  • you have to wait for shipping
  • Possibly pricier, but printing can be costly when you go down the DIY route

Should I DIY or buy a wall collage kit?

Mikspress vsco indie aesthetic collage kit


DIY wall collage kits are best if you have the time, aesthetic sensibility and photo tools to do your own kit like photoshop or other similar programs.

Digital wall collage kits are best if you don't want to spend time scouring the internet and pinterest for your images.

Printed wall collage kits like the ones you see on amazon or etsy or here on Mikspress are great if you want to dive right into putting them on your wall. In the long run they're probably cheaper considering high printing costs.

I'm a bit biased because I make wall collage kits to sell. It took me many hours to research the images, get licensing rights (you wouldn't need to do that for personal sets you don't intend to sell), and curating them.

I think that buying already printed wall collage kits here or on etsy or amazon is a great way to save time. If you don't have the time to choose and print your own collection, printed wall collage kits are the way to go.

How do you install a wall collage kit?

Step 1: set up the images on your bed or floor in the order you want it in

Step 2: tape or use putty to stick them on your wall

What can I use to stick a collage on my walls? Can you tape pictures to walls?

Mikspress pink aesthetic collage kit 

Use regular tape, double sided tape or putty. The magazine grade paper is more likely to rip, but also easier to put on your wall with tape. The thicker card stock would require putty.

How many pictures do you need for a wall collage?

It depends on your space and how full you want to fill up your wall. Generally, if you have fifty 4x6 prints it will fill up a 3x3 space. Order kits with larger size images if you have more wall to cover.

mikspress pale pink vsco wall collage kit

How do I make an aesthetic wall collage?

This depends on your style. The perfect looking room with this new type of wall art is really up to you. What does aesthetic mean to you? Ask yourself some of these questions

  • what vibe are you trying to create?
  • do I want full coverage or just half the wall?
  • what colors make me feel good?
  • what motivational quotes move me?

Where can I find the best collage kit?

mikspress purple aesthetic collage kit

They are for sale on etsy, amazon, mikspress, instagram or pinterest. Beware of free downloads. Make sure that the person made each image 300dpi so printing it will go smoothly and you won't have blurry images.

What can I use to stick a collage on my wall

It can be as simple as tape or as complicated (it's not complicated) as putty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to print my own DIY collage kit

Here is a list of where you can print your digital images

- 1,000 images free

- .15 cents/print

- .35 cents/print

- .35 cents/print

- .09 cents/print

After you fill out the online form, enter your address and it will be sent, or you can pick it up. For the most part customer service should be good and help you with any technical issues.

Where do I find images for my own DIY collage kit?

If it's for personal use you can find images in stock photo sites like unsplash or pexels. You can search by keywords on those sites. Some search search term ideas for images that are good for wall collage kits are: wood, wedding, a cool street sign, butterfly, mushroom, cottagecore

Why are my images blurry?

Your images are blurry if they are not a high enough dpi or resolution. Generally, 300dpi should be used when printing. That said, sometimes lower like 250dpi works. Sometimes, it doesn't make a difference if it's blurry, like if you have summer waves in the water. That said, go back and see if your image is 300 dpi or not.

How much will it cost to print out my own collage kit images?

It depends on how many items you are going to print. Do you want to print 25 images or 100 images! Check above to see how much some vendors are charging.

Please note, printing it out yourself may cost more than buying a kit. That said, you have the freedom to choose the images you want or anything else to have on the print out. If you buy the rights to the image you could even make it a business (food for thought...)


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